All  things are created and sustained in Christ for the purpose of serving and glorifying God.  God declares creation “very good” and placed human stewards in the garden of the earth to tend and keep it. Throughout the Old Testament the flourishing of human persons and cultures is tied to the flourishing of the land and all fellow creatures.  

Yet creation is fallen, disordered and disfigured and so suffers, struggles and groans in its yearning for redemption. We have the same hope for the rest of creation that we have for ourselves: transformation and renewal through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

Therefore, in repentant response to God’s liberating grace and out of an eager desire to participate in the peaceable reign of God already initiated in Jesus, the church promotes and engages in sustainable practices as a witness to God’s sustaining work through the Holy Spirit, as an expression of its love and care for creation, and as an expression of its love for and gratitude toward God whose glory is made manifest in creation.  

                                                               - Bible and Religion Department, January 2011