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RN to BS in Nursing Program


Applications are accepted throughout the year until the cohorts are filled. To ensure your preferred cohort placement and to get a jump start on any core courses you might need, it is suggested to apply no later than July 1 for fall enrollment and no later than November 1 for spring enrollment.

Admission: Decisions and Appeals

Each program establishes and maintains its admission requirements. Admission committees composed of faculty members make admission decisions in each undergraduate program. A student denied admission may address a written appeal to the admission committee, providing additional information pertinent to an admission decision. Prospective students may appeal a second denial of admission to the dean, whose determination for admission is final.

NOTE: Please proceed through the application by clicking on the < Back to Section and Save and Continue > buttons, as opposed to the “back” button in your browser.  The EMU Helpdesk is available for technical questions at and at 1-540-432-4357.


Location Preference


Please select your preferred location. An enrollment counselor will be in touch with you to review each option and to confirm your cohort placement.


Candidate Information


First Name


Middle Name


Last Name


Preferred Name


Any other names under which credentials may be issued


Birth Date








Marital Status

Permanent Address


Do you reside outside of the United States?


Address Line 1


Address Line 2


Zip Code








Home Phone Number


Mobile/Cell Phone Number


Email Address


Confirm Email Address


Hold a current state licensure as a Registered Nurse?


State of licensure


Registered Nurse state licensure number

Ethnic Background

Ethnic Background (as requested by the U.S. Department of Education - used for statistical purposes only, not in any decisions about admission)


Are you Hispanic or Latino?


Race (Choose one or more)

Church Affiliation


Religious Affiliation


If Mennonite, please indicate home church (matching grants may apply)



How did you hear about the program?


Educational Background

Please provide the following information about each college / university / graduate school / professional school you have attended.

NOTE: Click the Add to Educational Background button to add each college / university / graduate school / professional school to your list.

Name of InstitutionDegreeDates Attended (mm/yyyy - mm/yyyy)

State of Institution




Name of Institution




Dates Attended (mm/yyyy - mm/yyyy)



Please provide the following about your current employer.


Name of Current Employeer




Current Position


Type of Employment Facility


How long have you been employed?

Please provide a summary of your work experience in the healthcare field.

RN to BS in Nursing Program’s Accreditation Requirements

To comply with the RN to BS in Nursing program’s accreditation requirements, I understand that beginning with the second semester and continuing throughout the remainder of the program, I must be working or volunteering a minimum of 10 hours/week in a Registered Nurse role. (Initial below to confirm that you have read and understand this requirement).





Please provide contact information for your nursing manager/supervisor (or recent nursing instructor). They will be contacted by email to complete an electronic recommendation form.


First name of person providing recommendation


Last name of person providing recommendation


Email Address


Phone number

Eastern Mennonite University keeps the confidential recommendation for six months after an admissions decision. I agree that the recommendation I am requesting will be held in confidence by officials of Eastern Mennonite University and I hereby waive any rights I may have to examine it.


Legal Qualifications

Students entering the nursing program will be required to undergo the following background clearances: state police criminal record check, child abuse history clearance, and FBI fingerprint check. No student will be retained in the program with a disqualifying criminal history or child abuse clearance. Additionally, students must maintain an active, unencumbered registered nurse license for the duration of the program.

Applicants should be aware of these limitations prior to entering the nursing program. Status of licensure is checked as part of the admissions process. (Initial below to confirm that you have read and understand these requirements).





As an applicant to this program, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the essential qualifications. I acknowledge that I am capable of performing the abilities and skills outlined in this document with or without reasonable accommodation and understand that my status as a student in this program depends on my continued ability to successfully demonstrate these abilities and skills. I understand that if I am no longer able to meet these essential qualifications I will immediately notify the program director.

I have read and understand the program admission criteria as posted on the EMU website. (Initial below)




I hereby certify that the information given by me on this application form and supporting credentials is complete and truthful. I understand that if any information furnished by me is found to be untrue, I may be denied admission, or if admission has been granted, I may be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from Eastern Mennonite University.


Signature of Applicant (please type your initials)